Limited Time Cashback Voucher
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1,000,000 BUSD
when you pay with
Binance Pay
on selected merchants
Activity Rules
00:00 UTC 2022.3.15 - 23:59 UTC 2022.4.15
Limited time offer. Grab your cashback now!
New User
Register and complete your first payment to receive up to 5 BUSD cashback voucher with a minimum spend of US$5.00.
Existing User
Get up to 3 BUSD cashback voucher when you pay with Binance Pay with a minimum spend of US$10.00.
100% convenient with 0% transaction fees
Open the Binance app and go to Wallets > Funding Wallet > Go to the payment page to transfer and collect funds, as well as send red packets to your friends.
How to pay with Binance Pay
Web Checkout
Use the direct web checkout function on websites that support Binance Pay.
Scan Code in App
Open the Binance app and click the scan code icon in the upper right corner to scan and pay.
Choose how you pay
Set your payment preferences
'Payment Priority Order' lets you choose which cryptocurrencies you want to spend, in the order you prefer.
80+ cryptocurrencies
Send and spend your favorite cryptocurrencies with Binance Pay.
Lightning fast payments
Send crypto to your friends and family worldwide.